Walks and trails

Our golf course has a hidden world of history, sculptures and routes for running or walking. Have you stepped off the golf course and into the park?

Trail Map

To help you explore Queen's Park safely, avoiding golf play as much as possible, we have marked out 3 routes. Look out for the coloured arrows on posts.

Download our leaflet for the map or Queen's Park Trail Quiz 

The 2km Green Route is mostly flat with two hills around the pond - the 3km Red Route is a more hilly route.

The routes have varied, but solid surfaces, from woodchip to mown grass, tarmac and compacted gravel.


We welcome responsible dog walkers at Queen's. Please remember that your dog should be under close control in any park, whether it's on a lead or not. If your dog will not respond to a call to heel, it should be on a lead.

We would ask you that you do not allow your dog into the pond, where there are often breeding or resting wildfowl. Please also do not encourage your dog to run acorss the prepared playing surfaces such as greens, bunkers and tees where they can cause damage.

Golf balls

Please be aware of the safety signs advising of the direction of golf balls during your walk: golf balls can travel in excess of 100 mph.