Buggy policy

How to stay safe when using a buggy

General Information

Queen’s Park Golf Course is also a Public Open Space, and as such members of the public do have right of access to the area. It is therefore asked that players give way to the public and show consideration to other users of the site.

Queen’s Park Golf Course restricts the use of trolleys and buggies during periods of inclement weather conditions, such as periods of heavy rainfall or hard frosts, so as to protect the course and its infrastructure. It is advised that the society organiser checks on the day of play, to determine whether this facility is available. 

Buggy Policy

(date of last review April 2024)

Our buggy policy is reviewed annually. The purpose of this buggy policy is to ensure that the use of buggies for the playing of golf at Queens Park encourages and facilitates access for those with disabilities or restricted movement, whilst ensuring the safety of the public and members at all times.

It also ensures that any restrictions on usage are proportionate to the risks identified and in doing so do not directly or indirectly discriminate against any protected characteristic as defined under the Equality Act 2010.

It is not always possible to take a buggy (or trolley) out on the golf course. Always check the course status with the golf team.

The course condition system

Our course condition system will be published via our online booking system (BRS) and is available from the golf shop:

Level 1: Fully open

Level 2: Trolleys and single buggies only

Level 3: Alternative flat route must be followed

Level 4: Trolleys only, no buggies

Level 5: Total ban, no trolleys and buggies, carry only 

Read and sign the policy document

Before you use a golf buggy, you will need to sign and date the form on the last page of the policy.

Please read and sign this Buggy Policy if you intend to use a buggy for playing golf at Queen's Park Golf Course.

Our usual Booking terms and conditions also apply.